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Thread: Real ghost car in online race

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    Real ghost car in online race

    A few days ago I had a GT3 race at the Nürburgring GP. In the race there was a driver whose car was invisible. Only the driver was shown, sitting in the air. The problem was that the car had actual physical aspects, so you could bump in to it. Not easy to pass. Anyone seen this before?

    I tried to ask after the race if this guy had the same issue (presumably not), but the race was over before he could answer.

    Lately there've also been a lot of races where a few cars stay stuck on the starting line. I even had a race where my name was entered twice and one of the cars stayed on the starting line the entire race, but my online rating improved after that race (I had a good race in the car I was actually driving)

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    I had the same issue, but only myself could see my car ghosted that way. Other people saw a C7.R, while I got this :

    Granted the cockpit view worked properly !

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    I remember that same thing happening to me a few weeks back. Has done it only once but was quite odd. Didn't effect me racing as I use cockpit view and no one responded when I asked if my car looked "odd". Have had few other odd glitches occur but have never been able to replicate them.
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