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Thread: So frustrating Project Cars 1 is better than 2!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sum Dixon-Ear View Post
    Each unto their own... but I cannot quite get why anyone would prefer the FFB feel of the original over the current incarnation... it felt wooden, heavy and uninformative in comparison. The difference is like just after having big dollops of stubborn wax syringed out of yer lugs after suffering weeks of dulled hearing.
    It's strange, I was never 100% happy with the ffb in PCARS 1 but at Oulton Park it felt amazing (only place) PCARS 2 i cannot get anywhere close to the feedback that the first game gave at Oulton Park after hours upon hours of trying. Overall i think the ffb has improved slightly but some instances it's worse.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UkHardcore23 View Post
    It's strange, I was never 100% happy with the ffb in PCARS 1 but at Oulton Park it felt amazing (only place) PCARS 2 i cannot get anywhere close to the feedback that the first game gave at Oulton Park after hours upon hours of trying. Overall i think the ffb has improved slightly but some instances it's worse.
    Fair point, plus I'm now using the CSL PS4 wheel instead of my old CSR Elite... it feels unbelievably good, so perhaps my judgement is a little skewed.
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    Perhaps treat PC2 as a completely new game, which it pretty much is actually, rather than PC1.5. I think if you approach it fresh, you will find the things you are looking for, but it is very different in many ways. I also liked the FFB in PC1, but now that I have got PC2 to my liking, I think it's a big improvement, as is the tyre model and overall handling.
    My advice would be just to start from scratch without any expectations based on the previous version and stick with it, it's an immensely deep simulation and will take time to set up to your liking. I drive mostly PC sims, and you just get used to having to do that, and it's actually great to even be able to do. When I come to a game without many options to tweak I feel quite frustrated.
    I've been playing PC1 and 2 back to back on my PS4, and yeah, I think they are quite different.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sum Dixon-Ear View Post
    It was a bit much... I'm sure it was something like this -

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    I still haz a sad because I miss all the knobs we used to have. I still haven't been able to dial in the detail that I had in PC1.
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    OK with respect to PC1 the only force feedback item I have adjusted is Strength and have now set it to 35%. For me racing GT3 cars on tracks like Nurburgring GP it is just how I like it. Smooth constant feedback, mild road feel and good feel for what the tyres are doing. With PC2 I have spent a long time balancing overall force and volume and then tweaking with Tone and Effects. It is OK but the wheel feels a bit dead at slow speed - little feedback but if I turn up the force and/or volume then it gets way too heavy very quickly and I start getting the wheel seesawing with the force up the uphill straight after the chicane at Nurburgring. Again I am focusing on GT3 cars - 911 RSR in particular. Currently I am on RAW 45 45 35 5.

    On sound how can that massive clunk from the gearbox be right? PC1 sounds better and really immersive when driving inside the car. With PC2 all the sound is behind you which is not how acoustics in a closed space works.


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    I have to agree with the OP on this .

    The is really dependent on your wheel . As a Fantec xbox user Pcars1 is the only game that fully utilises that combination. I acknowledge at present we have an issue with the FFB/Fanatec/console and hopefully it will be put right, but although the demo was good I still prefer on console the Pcars 1 ffb. I hope that when the fix arrives for console FFB I am proved wrong as I really want another title to race with.

    On the sound the sound mix on the console some how feels flat - its has no teeth/bass/grunt - whatever you want to call it and still prefer Pcars 1 at this present time . I did liken to the change from vinyl (Pcars1) to CD (Pcars2) and how everybody loved CD's at first for their crystal clear quality and then we started harking back for the "roughness" of vinyl as C sound became a little to clinical.

    As I say I hope when I can actually use the game when the Fanatec fix is made I am proved wrong but at present I only have Pcars1 as my racing game which is the only game that does the console/Fanatec combination justice.
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    If the tires are cold/under inflated, or suspension is soft, or the alignment is mild, the ffb will feel average.

    Once the tires switch on, you feel the ffb get slightly sharper. Then you tune the car alignment and the ffb feels more aggressive (try the M6 GT3 at >1.7 bar, max caster, 3.0 camber).

    That’s how much better ffb is on pc2 > pc1.
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