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    First of all sorry for dramatic thread name
    Patch is Life since December. I read the XB1 forum till this date, so I try to report some Multiplayer issues, what I already found and what I found at the forum to and summarize in one post:
    Lobby Issues:
    Private lobby - Disconnecting from private lobby - this problem is hard to describe. People are randomly kicked from lobby when there is more 10 people (everybody is wired and open NAT). We are group of people who racing together for a longer time. I can send an invite to developers to check these issues through the log or sent the exact dates when we played to check it. (8th January we had a full lobby of 16 players, unfortunatelly we finished just 8 because of this issue too)
    Public/Private lobby - When I finish a race and the host selects another track or another class. No one else can see it! e.g. I think Iím racing a tc at Daytona but Iím now doing rally cross somewhere else.
    Public lobby (Searching lobbies) - The information that the game gives about the lobby is incorrect. The game tells they are practicing or in qualifying. As soon as I join, they are racing and the player have to just spectate.
    Game Issues
    Pit Stop Strategies (PSS) - The strategies are changing between the sessions!!!! Thatís a serious issue especially for endurance racing. E.g. Set up my PSS for race on private testing - everything is fine. Start online - Running practice, I check the PSS, the tire pressures are wrong!!!! Ok, I set up it in multiplayer lobby during practice again. Go to the Qualifying - the PSS has again wrong tire pressures (usually very high 2,4 [bar], or very low 1,04 [bar]). I Set up it again. In this place are two scenarios. If you jump directly to the race, your race strategy is correct and can go to the PIT and you get the right tires with the right pressure. If there is that 2 min pause (or everybody must hit READY) you PSS is broken again and you have to hurry up to setup it again during these 2 minutes. Please FIX this.
    Life Track - Several Weather slots - This things happening especially in case with 3 or more weather slots. Every player experiencing different ďLIFE TRACKĒ which could be normal but...just check the pictures. The rain already stopped and the track start to dry. This pictures came from the same session from two different players.This behavior is reported or I heard about this issue from different players. For the record, I posted a session setting as well (The track was The Bugatti at Le Mans).
    Saving the Replays - This feature crach often - any advice how to set up this?
    Preparing a report from online championship too but itís for a different post
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