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You lost points... sh*t happens.

As for your current number being under what it should, in that case you should have no problem increasing it.
Well... dang... thats a bit spicy but guess I can and should take it considering some of my post.

I do not believe that I am good, I wish I was...

also, about the loosing points shit happens... That kinda not a very nice response considering that currently loosing points is not just a matter of oh well, it actually prevents me from entering some of the challenges. So PC2 puts great importance on having points and exclude people based on those points. I am only putting importance on the points because PC2 puts importance on the points.

Something I thought about that might ring true to some of the posts and the relationships between company and clients: "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction" the more marketing buzz that gets created, the more emphasis there is on how great a game is, how competitive it will be etc. the more passionate the people will react when those statements do not match the experience.

This statement holds true in all parts of life, with everything. So Please realize that if it was the purpose of all the marketing was to create a passionate need to buy and play the game... if the marketing succeeded... the clients will react strongly and passionately on forums etc.