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Thread: Devs, I have a solution to your license and e-sports problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by PoL View Post
    LoL. I think this thread went full retard. Never go full retard.
    Anyway you have contributed. I reference this post made by cpcdem
    Lol, well... I still feel that loosing points for retiring to pits, game crashing, loosing points to cheaters and trolls absolutely benefits no one.

    If the system is there to represent your performance than none of these things that can lead to loss of your performance that actually are not performance related should exist.

    Easiest way to do that is by not deducting points and just going with a different point system. But seems that I am in the extreme minority that feels this way.

    Will just have to continue on this path or not play if I donít agree with it as SMS wonít be open to looking at alternatives.

    So yeah, lol guess the thread went full retard. Was very pointless

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    In high speed situation its often not easy to see who is the troll and for the program its also not easy to make the right choice.

    In following situation ( league race with all members in Teamspeak channel ) both drivers complained about the troll in the red Ferrari, that checked them.
    After this slow motion replay both apologised.

    I think everything is clear from this view, but in their own restrickted cockpit view they thought they were right just in the moment.
    In many public races i saw similar situations where the wrong people complain.

    BTW: since that race, proximi indicator is obligate in our events.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Campo675 View Post
    I love the cars, tracks and handling model of PC2 but the online racing license system should be improved

    I just found this topic posted which kind of addresses our questions on how the system works. This is a ridiculous bug and should apparently be fixed in Patch 1.4 according to the WMD/SMS members.

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    I totally agree with Campo675 when he states "I still feel that loosing points for retiring to pits, game crashing, loosing points to cheaters and trolls absolutely benefits no one." This is mainly the reason that a friend of mine - and me also from time to time - gets so frustrated during online racing that he 's thinking about quitting playing PC2 overall! This means that I loose a hobby too because I love the Saturdays that we meet and race against each other and others (if not trolls!) during online races.

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    A couple of points about the OP
    People can cheat this system so easily:2 players,1 lap of Knockhill Tri-Oval,swap positions each time,picking up 43 points every 5 minutes.
    Also,the system means that new players don't have a chance of competing with other quick drivers unless quick drivers do slow driver lobbies.
    You talk about real life points-the majority of global series do different points so does that mean that NASCAR races are worth more than FA or Ginetta Junior more than LMP1.

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    Why is everybody focussing on the license system so much?

    I buy games to have fun...
    And true you don't want to get rammed of the circuit.

    Same as for 1st person shooters. Joining a multiplayer session always have some jokers in your team.

    When i played fps games, i joined a community.
    They had rules and a pw protected server. So no jokers there. And some orginised warfare.

    Back to racing, join a online community for organised racing. And join a (random) server when 'you just want to race' And from there you just have to put up whats in there. (Even the jokers)

    The system will never be to everybody's liking. When X is implemented, person Y disagrees with his system. So this will be a never ending story..
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