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Thread: Xbox One Performance Issues?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nissan4ever View Post
    TX isn't supposed to be set to Raw. Immersive if I'm not mistaken is what the dev said the TX should be on.
    I have heard this before from one person or another before, but there is nothing in the help text to say that. If I set it to Immersive, the wheel osculates back and forth and I generally don't like the feel of it. The last time I was told this on another thread months ago, a shed load of other people also said they use Raw on the TX.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Senser View Post
    Maybe it is down to the wheel or the FFB settings? I have mine set to Raw and the default settings and I am using a TX.
    I wasn't trying to give you a hard time, just being sarcastic and emulating what many say here when they try to make it out like "you" may have an issue. But in fact, many have the same wheel as you and can use any of the flavours without any problems, as long as it is set up within reason. If you have the 1X, then you are fortunate in that it does work better than the One.

    If you're still having issues with your wheel, then start with Gain at 100, VOL 20, Tone 50, FX 0. Then start moving the VOL and FX up until you like it. At some point you will probably get to the point where you were having the same issues as before. Then just back them down until the issue is minimized.

    You might find that Practice to Qualy, to Race feels different depending on how many players are on track, and which console you are using.

    Good Luck, and Cheers!
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    TX is fine with Raw. As I said earlier, Yorkie is using raw with T300.
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    I currently use immersive. Feels good to me right now but I'll test out raw next time.

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