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Thread: Japanese race invite question

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    Japanese race invite question

    Okay Iím slowly progressing through a career, just finished formula rookie season and received an invitational to the japanese racing using the gt86.

    I tried it and it was impossible to go straight, I had zero traction. I donít know why. It was so bad, that the car behind me was pushing me. I thought it could be the tires, since the track temp was 5, so I changed it from auto choose to ice tires. I also changed to oem setup.

    No traction at all. What am I doing wrong?
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    A lot of these invitationals I find near impossible. For one, they are often tracks I've never driven. 2 - there is no time for set up to be changed. 3 - I think a lot of them are just bugged for some reason with no traction, whether it's wrong tires, etc I don't know but I've not completed one yet.

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