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Thread: Vote to Kick , Seems... broken on PS4

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    I get the same thing when trying to kick someone but I have now started to kick from the lobby screen rather than from the qualifying time screen.

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    I had been testing in the lobby screen here, doh. Will see what we can repro from the pause menu.

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    I thought I had seen similar behavior from the lobby, but can't say for sure that's true. I may have to give that a try... but I must admit , I'm not really wanting to kick someone out very badly, especially if it might accidentally boot someone I didn't intend to boot.

    I suppose the main reason I generally don't boot from the lobby is... seems most who I want to boot , will leave on their own after the race is over. But then it's really also quite rare that I am in a position to stop during a race and do kicking anyway. Unless it was just after being bashed so badly I can't continue to drive the car. Although I do try to avoid doing any kicking in haste, as I know sometimes my judgement can be impaired in the heat of those moments.
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