The more I read this thread, the more I fail to understand how people can trust an automated system at all...

Citing iRacing and its 'doesn't matter who's at fault, you BOTH get the same penalty' system doesn't make SMS adopting it any better. It is still utterly divorced from real racing, where real humans decide real penalties IF there is an infraction of the rules.

The 'gaming' solution to this involves not using any automated penalties at all. Every driver is a steward. Not only of the cars around him, but also of himself. You break a rule, you apply the penalty to yourself! If others see you break the rules and continue as if nothing happened, they report it, and the host kicks.

This actually works.

But yes, it is harder work that pretending some automated system can give fair stewarding, or simply adopting a system where we acknowledge that, because the automated system can't tell who's at fault, we blithely accept that both are. Hardly realistic, right?

God knows what would happen to real racing were such a moronic system adopted..! Yes, sometimes it is both drivers fault. But a lot of the time, it isn't. Who would ever take racing seriously if a 'no fault' system were widely adopted, and guys ramming you from the back or pushing you off track suffered no more than their victims?