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Thread: PCARS 2 League Directory *Will Update*

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    PCARS 2 League Directory *Will Update*

    So, after feeling guilty that the last league added to the previous version was mine before the OP gave up, I'm taking the reins because I have no life and spend a lot of time on these forums.

    If you want your league to be on here, use this format:

    League Name: (Name of the league)
    Website: (Web address)
    Platforms: (Platforms you race on)
    Region: (Which area of the world are your competitors from)
    Dates: (Days of the week you race on)
    Series: (What series are you running right now)


    League: Marmite Racing Community
    Platforms: PS4
    Region: Mainly UK&Europe with a few North Americans and 1 from Dubai
    Dates: Saturdays(League Nights) and Wednesday(Social Nights)
    Time: 20:30 GMT usually
    Current Series: BMW vs Ford Championship

    League: CanAm Virtual Racing Leagues
    Platforms: PC
    Region: North America based-Members in Australia and New Zealand
    Dates: Alternating Fridays and Saturdays
    Current Leagues: IMSA based Endurance(Saturday) and Formula Renault 3.5(Friday)

    League Name: LFO Club
    Platforms: PC
    Region: Spanish speaking drivers,mainly from Spain
    Dates: Mainly Sundays
    Series: Wide range of series

    League name - AUS/NZ Combined Racing League
    Website -
    Facebook -
    Platform - PC and Xbox
    Region - Australia and New Zealand
    Days - Sunday nights league racing, Thursday practice night, other nights as organised
    Series - currently random due summer holiday, planned from February - IMSA and Formula Renault.

    League Name: Panther Racing Division
    Platforms: PC
    Region: EST serving North America but have members in Wales,Brazil and the Carribean
    Dates: Wednesday's and Saturdays. Sundays reserved for RSR crossovers.
    Currently racing: Lotus 78

    League Name: Revolution Sim Racing
    Platforms: PC only
    Region: UK + Europe mostly, with some dudes from the US, RUS and AUS, and also 1 from China, Race times are mostly around 19:30UTC
    Dates: Induction nights for new members on Tuesday, Drink&Fun nights on Friday, Community Events on Saturday/Sunday. The last Season (Porsche GT4 Cup) was on Mondays.
    Series: Big variety. Next will be TCR Mini League with 3 rounds, RSR Cup Season 4 tba.

    League / Club Name: RWB Racing International
    Platforms: PC
    Region: UK, Norway, France, New Zealand, America, Denmark, Sweden, Global
    Dates: Mon/Tues/Weds/Thurs/Friday/Sat/Sun
    Series: Thursday Mini League (random cars), Saturday GTE League 8 weeks, Monthly crossover race with ART Sim Racing, rest of week is ad hoc fun nights.

    League Name: SeeTheAir
    Platforms: PS4, PC
    Region: Global (close to 400 members)
    Dates: Every day
    Series: NASCAR (PC - rfactor2), DTM (PC - rfactor2), World series by Renault (PS4 - PC2)

    League Name: GT World Endurance Challenge
    Platforms: Xbox1
    Region:US and UK (EST time zone)
    Series: GT3 Endurance Racing (1.5 hour)

    League Name: Les Casse Cou Simracing
    Platforms: PC
    Region:Belgium, France
    Series: Wide range of Series.

    League/Club Name: ART Sim Racing
    Website: Discord -
    Platforms: PC
    Region: Europe
    Dates: Monday Endurance Night, Tuesday Fun Night, Wednesday League Night, Friday Monthly Crossover event with RWB.
    Series: Group C League(Starting 24th Jan) & GT3 League (Starting 31st Jan)

    League Name: DC-Simracing
    Platforms:PC & PS4
    Region: Netherlands, Belgium (dutch language)
    Dates: Different
    Series:At the moment: LMP2 (PC) and Indycar (PS4)

    League Name: International Racing League
    Facebook Group:
    Voice Chat: Discord Invitation Link -
    Platform(s): PC
    Region(s):Members are from North America, Latin America and some Western Europe (Base: New York City)
    Dates:Races are scheduled every Friday Night @ 21:30 hrs (EST)
    Series:Currently, we are running a GT5 Ginetta Championship - 10 Rounds (Racing Class/Category is set by members' vote)

    League Name: Elite Racing League
    Website: (original link is dead. awaiting correction)
    Platforms: PS4
    Region: North America, South America, Australia, Asia, Europe
    Dates: Tuesdays, Fridays, Sundays
    Series: Elite Formula V8 Series , Pit Lane Parley Elite IndyCar Series, Elite Formula C Series, Elite Multi-Class SportsCar Championship

    League Name: Project CARS Drivers Club
    Platforms: PC
    Region: Primarily UK and Europe but with members all over the world.
    Dates: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays. All from 7pm UK time.
    Series: RX, LMP2 & GTE Multiclass, Oval & a weekly random car/track combo time trial and race.

    League Name: Sim Racing League
    Platforms: PS4
    Region: Italian speaking drivers, mainly from Italy
    Dates: Monday, Tuesday (for live coverage)
    Current Leagues: GT1 (every 2 weeks), Multicategory (alternate with GT1, every 2 weeks)

    League Name: Chicane Online Racing
    Website: https://
    Platforms: PC
    Region: Europe
    Dates: Thursdays 7pm GMT. Races are held every other week.
    Series: LMP1 & LMP2 Multiclass Endurance league
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