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Thread: Any possibility to replace livery of cars?

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    AGREE Shumi.....It would be great if it worked like rF2 where every driver can have there livery seen by all....makes everything more interesting....

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    This thread should be joined with the mods.txt thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Traction View Post
    More of a shame that only you can see your own livery.. No, wait I can see my livery on another car......when other drivers choose custom,
    What is the point..???
    It adds immersion if you can set up a grid of cars whether it is offline or online where everyone is running the same series of liveries. For instance I have collected and created an offline grid that simulates the current IMSA setup where all the cars in GTLM (GTE) and GTD (GT3) have the official IMSA number plates. It is a small detail that honestly makes the game a lot more enjoyable. If that doesn't matter to you that is fine, but to many people it does matter and it is something that was available in PC1 and it would be nice to have it available again in PC2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tar Heel View Post
    that was available in PC1 and it would be nice to have it available again in PC2.

    I may be wrong but, as far as I remember, it was not possible to do this, at least *officially*, in pCARS1.
    There was no "change predefined liveries" option in the game menus.
    Any changes made using external tools, modifying game files etc., it's not what I'd call... "available".

    PS: the Jaguar already has the Silk Cut livery.
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