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Thread: Project Cars Hotlap Statistics Script for Dedicated Servers

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    Post Project Cars Hotlap Statistics Script for Dedicated Servers

    im hosting a server that runs Nordschleife training 24/7 with all cars allowed, and i wanted to keep track on the best laps driven for each racer with any car used.
    unfortunately there was no such a tool, so out of need, i created it...

    lets start with the demo:

    the script uses the servers lua stats-script logfile, parses it, and writes the valid laps into a sql database.
    a php script is used to read the (sorted & grouped) data and spits out table, which is then filtered/sorted with a bit js.
    then i wipped it with css to make it less ugly (but failed).

    for some it might me interesting to know that the pcars2 api didnt really change, so i will create a pcars2 version fork when this version (and the pcars2 server) is somewhat acceptable...

    github: (merge requests welcome)

    * add support for race-mode (currently only training sessions are read from the stats file)
    * more (and better positioned) filters
    * driver status page with fancy graphs
    * create icons for driving aides (not shipped with git as the license collides)
    * refactor mess and 'make it nice'

    Known Bugs:
    * 'Real Driving Aides' button doesent filter the drivers best lap with a car yet. (i wanted to rewrite that in js but failed)
    * you can click the icons to show the meaning, but its positioned wrongly (in the top right corner)
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    Once I figure out how to use the Lua scripts, I will try it
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    Hey, i updated it for pcars2:

    Servername is !Hotlap! ...

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    how to install your program?
    Where do the files "" and ""?

    Thank you in advance for your answers and your work.
    Excuse me for my bad English, I use a translator.

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