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Thread: Vintage F1: 1967 World Championship SIGN-UPS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sgt Formula 1 View Post
    That track is scary enough for me digitally. SMS did a great job providing the feel. I can't even imagine what the drivers really felt. Must have been the closest thing to the feeling of War you could get...
    Its probably the underlying reason why the French government tried their damndest to eradicate all traces of a race circuit in the 1990s. The place claimed a few over the years. I drove two laps of the original circuit in 2016 whilst on holiday with my family. There are still some telltale signs of it's past if you look carefully (steps leading to where grandstands stood on the exit of Nouveau Monde hairpin, pitlane entrance and exit roads, and the life-saving chicane where the formidable Six Freres corner once stood). They even tarmac'd over the patterned cobblestones on the hairpin but the tarmac is now so worn that the stones are starting to reappear. It would be great to see some form of racing around here again but I cant see the authorities wanting to cut off a main arterial road in to the city for a weekend.
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    You know, we'll be doing it digitally this season if you want to sign up! *wink wink *hint *hint
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