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Thread: Diff Levels of Rain Saturation

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    Diff Levels of Rain Saturation

    Last night we ran a 1hr race on Zolder in the GT4s. Qualy was in light rain and the race had 2 fixed weather slots - light rain into heavy cloud. It was on a dedi server. As the race went on, Id guess about lap 8 or so (for me, might have been sooner for others) we started to realise that diff people had diff track conditions. Some had a more saturated track than others with obviously bigger pools of water on track and lower grip levels.

    I was in third with the 2 guys in front steadily pulling away and on lap 8, I noticed the grip increase and started catching them then passed 2nd place easily. I caught up to 1st but then his conditions imporoved and he pulled away again.

    For 3rd place it took about another 10 laps until his grip improved and water pools shrunk than me.

    Time progression was set to real-time.

    Anyone else seen this? Is it a known bug? --- --- Casual PCars 2 Player

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    Ye, there's an issue with livetrack 3 sync for MP on servers and PS4.
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    I heard something similar
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    Should be solved in the next patch, soon
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