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Thread: Ferrari 488 GT3

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    Spool overrides all other different types completely, so there's no benefit to running spool+ clutch/ratchet/gears.

    Anyway, my suggestions aren't for TT where you an do 1 WR lap then spin out for 5, or the car generally drives like a pig (which is usually the case with TT tunes).
    A moderate clutch diff gives better driveability and consistency in races and is better for tire life.
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    I can't drive with a spool LSD so that run impressed me. For TT runs with the Ferrari the Default Loose LSD is the one to use. I haven't a clue about racing, you have always said it is completely different, so maybe that is what the other person was referring to as well about gaining multiple seconds however I understood it to be needing a more aggressive LSD. I know there are cars/tracks in TT where the tires are completely dead on the first lap so as you say it(TT setups) are useless for racing.
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