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Thread: Can someone help me with a general problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by DAS.Zentrum View Post
    Just got another question with something strange I saw yesterday while driving.
    In long, full speed corners, I saw tire smoke coming up in my rear view mirrors but I don't know where it comes from ?!
    Yeah its a bug. You'll notice it isnt there in replays.

    Also, like mentioned above, if you are losing the back end as you coast through the turn it is probably an engine braking issue. Engine braking will upset the chassis taking weight off the rear wheels. Turn up the value to lessen the effect (a bit counter intuitive).

    If you are losing the back end as you get back into the throttle, it could be a differential problem. Differentials are pretty complicated in this game. Do some research online for a guide and read the description in the in-game setup screen. Usually I start with adjusting Power Ramp.

    And finally there is always the race engineer. Tell him what is happening via the suspension menu. They usually recommend changes to the anti roll bar for this general situation.

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    Engine braking is one of the things I always adjust in every car. The default value (1) is way too strong. Personally, I like it at about 4 or 5.
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    Engine braking to the max for me, on all RWD cars.
    That's one of the few things I always change in the setup.

    The car will consume more fuel as a result, obviously... but I have never lost a race by having a few litres of fuel in excess in the tank.
    I do have lost more than one race, though, by having the car hitting too many tyrewalls, when I left the default engine braking value.
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    Well i figured out that my main problem is me not hitting the right breaking points ... now I just try to break a little bit more early and it seems to work out well.
    This combined with some help of the race engineer helps me to drive more constant.

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