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Thread: PC2Info, a PC program that shows most stats the game provides over UDP

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    Thanks Sampo. Deleted the file, started PC2Info and PC2. PC2Ifo freezed instantly, file "current_data.csv" was back again with over 2GB of data. Way 2 much data for my poor SATA3 SSD.

    BTW, I've tried both options, started with and without -v, and the file is always created. So yep, guess you've implemented an unwanted feature. Bug is always such a harsh word.

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    New version in post #2. Removed the current_data.csv functionality until I can look at why it would trigger without -v option. Fixed the crash when starting mapping.

    Edit: Even newer version in post #2, restoring the colors to wheel temps. Also changed the screenshot in post #1 to a current one.
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    PC2Info, a PC program that shows most stats the game provides over UDP
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