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Thread: 3 Minute cut off question

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    3 Minute cut off question

    Hi , We race in a league and we are wondering if there is a way to turn off the 3 minute session lock that prevents players from joining if less than 3 min?

    For us we have been bitten by this over and over where players for what ever reason get dropped or try to jump out and fire up team speak or what ever (sometimes if session changes while your in the set up menu it locks up or kicks you) and after a week of practice all of a sudden your dropped close to race time and now cant get back in ..
    So is there anyway to edit this out in the lua or some other files ??
    We don't do public lobby's and this feature has only hurt us .. in the last 4 league races we have lost at least 1 in every race & one race we lost 3 .. and with no "restart session" option after a 1 hr P 15 min Q and a week of practice =BAM so sorry no race for you because some less serious players kept crashing public servers at the last min and ppl complained enough for this 3 min feature to be added .. for us its only been bad .. ;-)

    Thx !
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    on league servers its horrible sometimes. Fully agree.
    We go over that problem, by restarting the race with a short Q-time where all meet in the lobby before starting the session, then check if everytings workin.
    In the race session we start slowly and do a self controled formation lap dependent to lost quali session. Then the field does a rolling start.
    That system works, if all members are connected with TS or Discord, so "league only"
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