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Thread: Potential "dangerous" workaround on restricted lobbies

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    Personally, I don't see an issue with the option as it is.. Sure, some can try to exploit it but the benefits outweigh the few negatives.

    i.e. being able to host a higher rated lobby but invite those in that you know are good drivers but just haven't spent enough time playing online to "level up" per say.
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    I'm a PS4 player so we don't have P4 ...
    Anyway, lobby selection, races already begun, bugged lobbies, ... We all waste so much time to find a proper race.
    The filter are utterly useless.

    I love this game, don't get me wrong, I think it's the best race sim ever. But the MP experience is a mess, a buggy mess.
    On this part only, SMS devs should be ashamed.

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    Well, you guys might have not been in races with a couple guys that team up only to ruin the race for everybody else, by literally creating roadblocks, smashing people and stuff like that. It might sound like a b-movie thing, but I've been in more than 10 races with people like that (some have been reported here) and I am pretty sure they do exploit this feature. Its simple, one of them may have an F ranking, so he joins the F lobby and invites the other(s) with U ranking, then the party begins.

    But I realize it might not be even allowed to remove that feature, so the real solution is for people to be aware of such idiots and kick them at the moment they join servers. But hose scenarios are very far from being unlikely to happen unfortunately.

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    The first time I noticed that an U1300 driver was able to enter an E1200 lobby, I just assumed that the game would look first at the numerical portion of your license and would allow you in if your number was higher than on the filter; I never gave it much thought after. It is the reason why I always get a chuckle when I see lobbies with ridiculously low filters such E100! You might as well just have the filter off.
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