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Thread: VR stops working online with more than ~10 cars

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    VR stops working online with more than ~10 cars

    Hello everyone,

    I'm having an issue where in an online race as soon as we get to the first turn my VR starts cutting out and the game becomes unplayable. This only seems to happen when there are more than 10 players in the lobby. Even with 12 it just happened a minute ago. It's very frustrating as I have to quit and lose rating points. My settings are set fairly low and I have 0 problems when playing offline or with a few people (other than the new sound bug that's already been reported).

    I am playing on a Samsung Mixed Reality HMD.
    Computer specs:
    i5-8600k oc to 5Ghz
    Gtx 1080
    16gb DDR4 3000 RAM
    m.2 ssd

    I am running crew chief and using the windows mixed reality for steam VR portal.

    Please help if you can! I want to play online!

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    I am using a Rift/Crew Chief and have not seen any issues in my limited experiences...I did a race w/14 cars and one with 18 cars.

    Doesn't help, I know, but that is my experience. GL.
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    the mor participants or AIs drive, the more memory you need.
    Maybe there is a defective cell and if your memory usage reaches that the game crashes.
    Try to check your memory with a tool, e.g. memcheck86.
    here u find an installer to create a bootable USB stick:
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    I can run a 32 car grid offline in VR with absolutely no problems though. Does being online for some reason take more computational power? Or is it just getting hung up in lag?

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    Odd that it only happens online.. i have played quite a few 10+ lobbies with my rift and pretty much the same spec as you without issue.

    You could try removing the XMP profile from your RAM - OC Ram can be known to cause issues and i dont think it makes a massive difference
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    Could quite possibly be networking related, and the errors causing these errors could be well outside the control of both yourself and SMS, even the ISP are contracting with other ISP's and it's a nasty ball ache of a mess to figure out, and honestly for ISP's the motivation to do so is next to nothing.

    I haven't done much in pcars online or with AI grids (I just casually hotlap) so shouldn't really expunge too much, but networking and online is absolutely a potential cause for catastrophic code errors, in other words crashes.

    I have had incidents where with Elite Dangerous where I could swear I noticed a benefit to my FPS when a buddy upgraded HIS gpu...
    Really shouldn't be and it was definitely inside the envelope for placebo, what is certain I can be blasting around at 90fps, get another player in my instance and then barely get out of ASW.

    I have a 1080ti, an i7 8700k and 3200mhz DDR4 memory, and 300+\300+ direct FIOS and my ping to inside of europe is mostly <20ms.

    I would test for defective memory, but if you did I'm sure you would have other issues as well outside of Pcars or VR, but at least it's something you can test.

    As for VR before upgrading to the current rig I was on 2400mhz DDR3 and one time forgot to re-enable the XMP profiles and VR games was nigh unplayable, I was getting frame drops like crazy.
    Of course this was setting my chips to nearly 1200mhz, and the benefits from 2400-3200 is probably smaller, I would definitely recommend some fast RAM for VR.

    That said, the XMP profiles is just a preset for overclocking the RAM modules and fits, most cases. But most is certainly not all cases.
    If you turn off the XMP profiles and this stabilises your rig we it might simply being the profiles being a tad aggressive and you can then start building up a manual overclock to find a sweet spot.

    You probably don't need 3000++ mhz RAM for ok VR, but I'd be loathe to recommend less than 2400mhz.

    Could also be something as ephemeral as a slightly wonky driver install..
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