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Thread: What is it with hard/soft tyres in GT3 after patch 4.0?

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    Quote Originally Posted by demand34 View Post
    hard tyres are useless since patch 4 unless you are on a 40C upwards temp at dubai or Algarve
    Over 30℃ at Nurb GP, Silverstone, Spa, Road America, Sonoma, Red Bull is borderline, Indy Road... >40℃ Bathurst, even Monza, Bugatti, Daytona... you'll need hard tires in GT cars. So no, not entirely useless.

    Soft tires might do you well for qualifying and a short Sprint race. Try running the 911 R on soft tires on a warm track and tell me your tires aren't cooked
    G29 FFB RAW 95-50-5-0

    What tire compound were you using?
    What was your tire pressure?
    What was the track and tire temperatures?
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    Hard tyres aren't completely useless, I'd still prefer them over softs, but i'm going to try soft tyres in a 20 - 25 minutes race and see what happens as I really haven't used them much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schnizz58 View Post
    That's exactly right. It's not the nitrogen per se but rather the fact that it contains no water vapor. It's the water vapor that causes the pressure to go up and down with temperature. At least that's what I was told.
    By definition all compressed gases will expand\contract with changes in temperature. The resistance to expansion\contraction will be impacted by the heat capacity of the gas in question. If water vapor is present this becomes part of the calculation. Compressed nitrogen will have zero water vapor (if you understand how it is made you'd understand why), and nitrogen has roughly 5% greater heat capacity at 175 degrees F than air. In other words, the amount of heat required to cause a measureable rise in temperature at a given temperature and pressure is slightly higher for nitrogen than air - thus nitrogen will be slower to rise in pressure as carcass temperature rises. The vast majority (if not all) of major professional racing teams use nitrogen, and I would assume the PC2 tire model is based on nitrogen instead of air.
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