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Thread: Thrustmaster T150 wheel and pedals aren't working properly in Project Cars 2

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    Thrustmaster T150 wheel and pedals aren't working properly in Project Cars 2

    Just received Project Cars 2. My Thrustmaster T150 wheel and pedals aren't working properly in that game.

    I calibrate wheel and pedals as per the instructions and adjust force feedback to average settings All deadzones are zero.

    In the game, it requires a massive amount of wheel turning to achieve a tiny amount of car turning, to the extent that I have what almost feels like a deadzone 45 degrees either side of straight ahead. I've played with the menus, trying various combinations at varying proportions of maximums, but am achieving nothing.

    Can anyone suggest a cause or a solution, please?
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    How many degrees did the wheel calibration screen show you at the end?
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    Sounds like you need to lower the angle of rotation until you find one you're happy with

    Click image for larger version. 

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    If you calibrate the wheel properly (900) in pcars, it works perfectly and realistically .
    I had an issue when I first set the wheel up way back on release of pcars 1 , felt like driving a bus about .
    Someone talked me through it and it's been perfect since .
    You can tweak it in settings "steering ratio" and I believe other settings help such as caster angle.

    Also tyres ....were up to temp ? And it makes a big difference what tyre you use .
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    Calibrate it properly dude make sure you fully turn the wheel press x then "release" it back to centre then turn it 90deg press x release then save and make sure you have fully pressed the peds before you go into calibration.My buddy had the same issue he didn't return the wheel before doing the 90deg bit

    maybe change thread title to MY t150 isn't working
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    Many thanks for all the ideas and guidance, guys.

    Bottom line is I wasn't aware I could, or should, get useful info by checking the numbers I ended up with after calibration or what those numbers should be. When I did that check, it became obvious that my T150 wasn't consistemntly producing anywhere near the correct results. A mate has dropped off his spare T150 wheel and pedals on the way to work this morning and that calibrates and drives perfectly. Steering range 100, steering lock 903. So I'm buying that set at a sensible second-hand price. Job done!

    Many thanks to everyone for leading me quickly to a complete solution.

    Still don't understand why my other two racing games have been driving just fine with my original wheel and pedals set before I got PC2, but I'll keep it for spares. Maybe just a bad coincidence; Sod's Law strikes again?

    The info about altering steering angle is also going to be useful. Like a Sensitivity adjustment, but a Turbo version. I've briefly tried various angles and 270 or 360 were too sharp, but 540 might give me the response I prefer with some cars in some scenarios. Should be fun playing with that, anyway. A pity settings don't save, but it's quick enough to do every session.

    Cheers all! Happy racing!

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