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Thread: Wheel and pedals stop working while still in game

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    Wheel and pedals stop working while still in game

    Hey, all. I'm hoping someone has a way to fix this or can let me know whether this is a known issue or not.

    My setup:

    • Win7 (x86-64); 16GB RAM; GTX 980
    • Other apps running: Steam client, Avast AV (Free edition)
    • PCars 2 (via Steam) with patch 4.
    • Fanatec CSR wheel; Fanatec CSPv3 pedals; DSD button box.

    My problem:

    I will occasionally find that my wheel and pedals stop working while the game is still running. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to when or how it happens. As an example, I was playing last night. I ran a race in career mode, exited career mode, and then went to run the community event that uses the Aston at Bannochbrae. After starting my session, once the countdown to manual mode hits 0 and I am supposed to get control of the car, I find that none of my inputs (pedals or steering wheel) work. Mapped buttons on the wheel don't work either. The game acts as though I disconnected the wheel, pedals, and button box from my system but I have not. If I exit out of the game and bring up the Fanatec configuration utility, it shows everything is still connected and recognized by the system. Works fine if I start up an iRacing session.

    The only way I can get my wheel and pedals working again is to exit the game completely and restart it. This seems to be a problem specifically with this game. Has anyone else encountered this (regardless of wheel or pedals used)?

    Any suggestions on what I could do to fix this (if a long-term fix exists)?

    I tried to search for a similar problem but didn't see one that was similar to what I'm experiencing.

    Thanks in advance!

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    are the wheel/pedals/DSD hooked up to the computer via a USB Hub or directly to the towers USB ports? If using a HUB, it might not be getting enough power from the computer. Try hooking them up directly to the tower, or get a HUB with an external (wall) power supply.

    If already using a powered HUB, I'm out of ideas at this time.
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    Yeah, they're all hooked up to a USB hub but it's a hub with external power. Definitely one of the things I would have considered too.

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