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Thread: Damage disabled, engine blows up - NOT A BUG, SOLVED

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaximusN View Post
    Oh dear we are going round in circles.... That is the screen I posted. What Satco showed I mentioned in my original post. THAT is only show before you join the lobby. The one cpcdem mentioned(my thanks are still great) is the one I missed.
    my mistake. i misread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AbeWoz View Post
    my mistake. i misread.
    Sorry for that too, but this forum is filled with people trying to help people but also people fed up with bashing. I'm really not one of the bashing crowd. There is only one sim I love. The rest I like(if that). I don't like being grouped with people unwilling to like this sim, at all. And I will admit that is my trigger. All I say here is to get things forward in a positive way.

    And I'will admit the info I was looking for I was there, but not in the place I was looking.
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    I've changed the thread title. I was wrong, this wasn't a bug, and you can see all the needed information (although in a not so obvious place). Problem solved, thanks for everyone's help.
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