Last night we had a race of our V8 championship. Ford V8 Dubaï International
22 pilots at the beginning.
During practice and qualifying We each had our location in the pits, but during the race, the locations were not the same.
I noticed some problems during pit stops.

The mechanics are not always positioned in the right place, on the right pit.
Ipod stops at its location (the first in the pit lane), the car is slightly teleported to the pit, but then continues to the next location.
Watch the video here at 1.07.14

Then I make my stop, and my location is also the first in the pit lane, but it's also the location of the driver behind me. We see on the video that I am on my pit, but that the driver behind is blocked because it has the same pit.
see the video at 1.08.00

here, the mechanics are not at the right place
vidéo at 1.09.15

1.11.46 the car advances from one location