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Thread: Advice for a common handing problem?

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    Advice for a common handing problem?

    Hello all,

    So I was wondering if a few of you setup gurus can help me with an overall handling issue I have and maybe suggest some common baseline solutions.

    My problem is when I find myself in situations where there is a quick weight transfer from left to right or visa versa I usually lose the back end. So any quick turn from right to left, chicanes, etc. The oversteer always comes as the weight is transferring from one side of the car to the other. So turn in is solid, and exit is solid, but mid-corner transfer is very loose.

    Now I know that there are a lot of factors here (car, track conditions, etc) but I was wondering if anyone has some baseline suggestions on how to counter this and tighten up the car a bit during those weight transitions?

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    Try to increase rear slow or fast rebound. Depends on body movement speed. You can try decrease camber and increase steering ratio to make car reaction slower. You can also try to increase rear toe-in and add more negative camber, but that can have impact on tire temp. Do you go over curbs in chikane? Than try to soften rear ARB...
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