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Thread: Assetto Corsa Competizione discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaximusN View Post
    Okay maybe I should have worded it better, let it automatically pick the driver that has the most time left. It's very easy to program to get right and not a nice reason for being disqualified(could be a menu option, auto switch or manual). It's a rules are rules reason for being disqualified IMHO, unless you really have 3 people taking the role of the driver. Or a split personality.
    I still feel like you have the same issue, though. If I pit ten minutes into a 45 minute race due to weather, I don't want a driver swap, and I'm not even in the pit window, but if it was auto-switching by time, it would swap them. I guess and auto-swap feature might be okay if it were only active when pitting inside the pit window. Or if it was an option you could check in the pit strategy. In fact, I think that's what I'd prefer. I can see auto-switching being convenient for shorter races, like 20-30 minutes with less dynamic settings, so having the option to turn auto-switch on would be helpful.
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    Quick question do all cars front splitter able to be adjusted? Some cars I tried the number stayed at 0?

    Don't know if I have a bug or something
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    Quote Originally Posted by gotdirt410sprintcar View Post
    Quick question do all cars front splitter able to be adjusted? Some cars I tried the number stayed at 0?

    Don't know if I have a bug or something
    Most are fixed.. off the top of my head, I only remember the Porsche having front adjustment.

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