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    Quote Originally Posted by Haiden View Post
    You're talking about current ACC. This video is a year old. The FFB wasn't like that back then. There wasn't much curb/bump/texture feel, and the tire model only had a single point contact patch. It was totally possible to run curbs in the early versions without any fight.
    Yes agree and Noted in prior post video is from 2018 and we cant be 100% sure how much has changed regarding FFB and Dyn Dpg calculations.

    But still Dyn Dpg as Described by the KS Dev works principally the same... and from what I feel it takes away Road Feel and Adds wheel weight especially in Fast corners like at Monza that tend to simulate speed/G Forces with wheel weight but a track like 2018 Silverstone it feels better because the turns aren't as fast so Dyn Dpg isn't Muting/ Damping Road and Tire Feel with Extra added wheel weight.

    My Question is even though Dynamic Damping seems to be working as its intended...Due to the Nature of How it works is if its really Needed for DD wheels because DD wheels can put out a much broader range of wheel weight and FFB feel at the same time without clipping than Consumer Non DD wheels... Seems based on How Dyn Dpg works its better suited for Non DD wheels to help reduce clipping In Fast corners when wheel is under heavy load.

    Just Random thoughts, Random Questions to discuss and to see what opinions are.
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