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Thread: Can't keep heat in Ligier LMP-3 Brakes and Tires

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    Quote Originally Posted by davekojo View Post
    What is more interesting to me (which I discussed in WMD but assumed wasn't implemented) is that the two compounds appear to converge over 2 stints (at least with my driving style and setups). My pace on the soft tire was faster than the hard in normal racing conditions. However I could realistically only single stint the softs. Although I was slower on the hards I could double stint them without problem and hold a reasonable lap time. Based on my lap times i did some quick calculations. The time to change tires during a pit stop leads to the race duration/laps able to be completed being the same for a double stint race on both tires (pit stop is faster on hard tires as they don't need to be changed like the softs).
    Success! Yes, that's exactly what we were aiming for, good to hear that at least for someone in some situation it worked out. =)
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    I thought that is how all tires worked when comparing soft with hard, for example I did a GT3 league race last night, 25 laps at Red Bull and when practising for the race I was doing full race distance on soft and hard doing the same time and not needing to pit in either race. 1:33 was my lap time and I held this every lap.

    Is there a cut off time when softs typically wear out, as pre patch that was around lap 10 that I noticed a lot more understeer in the car and I was 2-3 seconds a lap slower compared to having fresh tires, but post patch 4.0 25 laps were fine on softs giving good grip from start to finish, same on hards...

    Track was in summertime, midday, but no idea of track temp, I never really pay attention to it, I just go by the tire temps, if I am struggling to get 80 on hard I swap to softs.
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    To some extent that's how it is intended to work, yes (gotta be careful because there might be exceptions I don't remember right now). Softs are generally intended to last for a single fuel stint (assuming somewhat rough driving, you can certainly stretch them longer by not pushing as hard and with good technique), while hards can be double or even triple stinted in some cases.

    Whether or not everything pans out will depend on a lot of things. Temperature is a big one, if your fuel tank is enough for 40 laps and it's so cold that hards never warm up and softs are a second per lap quicker, then it's pretty obvious which ones you should go for. IIRC GT racing in-game doesn't allow refueling and tyre changing at the same time, so pit stops are pretty long when doing both, but other racing classes could allow tyres to be changed while the car is refueled. Refueling almost if not always takes longer than changing tyres, so in that situation there's really no reason why you wouldn't change tyres.

    Lots to think about there. Kind of like how the whole weather and climate system was planned, the idea is that there really isn't a single best way to do things, because there really isn't any such thing in real life. It'll always be conditional and depend on lots of things, climate, weather, track, car, driver... We've had these games where there's one pinpoint optimal solution and then you just repeat that, and we wanted to move away from it to some extent, and give a more in-depth, lively world for you to play in. I think we did pretty good overall.

    I just go by the tire temps, if I am struggling to get 80 on hard I swap to softs
    Good man, that's the spirit.

    Though for debugging a problem that stuff is important. =)
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    Someone should create a tire wear sticky post discussing the intention of each compound for their respective classes. I know open wheel soft compounds still wear at a much faster rate than the hards, which is understandable.

    GT3/4 have the "largest" variance in working range between the tires as the softs are/were originally intended just for cold conditions

    Endurance tires are intended to converge over 2 stints in "normal" racing conditions (late spring, summer, early autumn) between 10am and 4pm)

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