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Thread: Help with brake balance

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    Thanks a lot for the info and also thanks for leaving there the original part about the "other" RBR!

    One more question if I may: With GT3 cars, change the brake bias even just a bit, for example to the 488, from 54-46 to 50-50, it makes such a big difference, in some tracks I am using 50 in some corners, 54 in some others, 52 in the rest and I like it that this helps. In the touring cars though, such small changes have very little impact, you have to be very aggressive with that to notice the difference. For example in the Renault I am using 45-55 instead of the default 58-42 (IIRC), in the BMW had to use 40-60 to get a better turn in.

    Unfortunately I have absolutely zero experience with RL racing and setup of race cars, but I am wondering if this is how it should be. And for me it's not a problem if it is not modelled completely realistically in the game, it's way too much to ask from our personal computers to create a 100% realistic simulation of what happens in real life, just wondering about that, though.

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    I think it's probably just because the rear brakes on the TCR cars are so puny compared to GT3 cars (which enjoy a much higher downforce as well as a much more rear heavy weight distribution), small changes don't have that much of an effect.
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