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Thread: Game stuck trying to load setups.

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    Game stuck trying to load setups.

    On PS4 in time trials. I've been trying to load setups but the game gets stuck trying to download them. Doesn't matter the track or the car (tested many), the setup name and description just says 'Loading...' Also, because it's trying to load, the game doesn't let you do anything else. No buttons work. The only thing that can be done is exiting to the PS dashboard and quitting the game from there.

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    Not internal game but sounds more like an internet connectivity issue. You will want to disconnect the internet connection and reconfigure it.

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    I am having the same issue.....I have to back out of TT, pick a different track and car. Load it, and back out again to reload the track I originally wanted to run....not game breaking but still annoying.

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