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Thread: PS4 Pro better graphic or high res

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    Quote Originally Posted by FACE2LEMURIEN View Post
    the graphics are very different with 31 cars AI or 10 cars AI
    The consoles dynamically scale the res according to load. This may be the effect you are observing.
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    Using a PS4 Pro and a 4K-TV, my impression was that with 'enhanced visuals' the jagged edges were very much visible and sometimes a pain for the eye.

    I also use helmet / cockpit cam, and when switching to 'enhanced resolution', the overall image became very crisper, even without the effects of the enhanced visual mode.
    I clearly noticed the display on the steering wheel for example to be much more readable and detailed.

    So i prefer in this case enhanced resolution.

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    I use enhanced resolution on my 1080p TV. I found that enhanced visuals was producing more obvious LOD changes and causing occasional stutter. Also I never managed to notice what was enhanced about it.
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    took resolution over visual

    looks really good
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    I'm not sure what i use (default), but it looks much better on my 75" 4K, than the regular PS4.

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