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Thread: MP unplayable after 1.4 Patch

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    MP unplayable after 1.4 Patch

    Dear friend, I've always played and was a fan of pCars 1 (over 3000 hours played) and pCars 2 (over 250 hours), but after the release of Patch 1.4 it's simply impossible to play on public servers. are usually empty or have a password). I have small lags in practically every race and lags incredible in some races, where the game simply hangs for 10 seconds, that's even 10 seconds, and when I'm back in a tire barrier !!! I've made several attempts in vain (formatting the PC, reinstalling windows, swapping windows, swapping modem, router, etc) but all I get is in the middle of a run these giant lags and sometimes being disconnected.

    To cool down a bit I tested War Thunder, Assetto Corsa, Motorist, Battlefield, etc. and had no problems with these games. AC played yesterday for more than 3 straight hours without these problems.

    At the moment I'm seriously considering stopping for a new patch or some solution to this annoying problem I'm having.

    Sorry for the long text, but I always liked it and played this game a lot!
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    There were reported some P2P issues after patch 4, specially disconections. I think that there're a little bit more lag, but not a problem for me ATM

    Take a look this thread, whre we are trying to find the cause:
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