I've started having something pop up in the last few weeks: on long straights, with multiple car types, the car will take a sudden and sharp/hard turn to the left. Sometimes I can catch it, but usually it puts me into the wall / grass.

This started after the 4.0 patch.

Possible causes I can think of:
1: My T80 wheel is going wonky. (Bought brand new in October, only used for pCars2.) I'm saving my dollars for a proper wheel, was going to go T300, but starting to wonder if I save for an extra few months and bite the Fanatec bullet.

Monitoring my steering inputs in rsDash seems to show a full turn left occurring in the telemetry, but I'm not confident I'm reading the data properly. Can anyone recommend a good app for PS4 monitoring that might help me nail down wheel issues? (Maybe vrHive, I haven't tried that yet...?)

2: Bug since the v4 patches. No way to verify this by myself, but is anyone else seeing this?

3: My car setups. I've noticed that v4 really improved how the setup of the car is reflected on the track. As a result of this, I'm wondering if my habit of running absolutely as low as possible is causing me to suffer bottoming out etc, which then sends me flying.

I don't think this is the case, since I would expect to also get sent flying right at times. I also cannot reliably cause it by hitting the same spots on the track.

I appreciate any help or advice anyone can offer - going left when the track goes straight is really hurting my ability to stop losing so bad!