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Thread: Finding rallycross online games

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    Finding rallycross online games

    It's bit difficult finding RallyCross games online on the PS4, sometimes I sit for 10 mins waiting for someone to join before giving up !

    I was thinking it would be better if the default filter had both Race and RallyCross games in it. I notice a lot of sessions are set up with Rallycross in race mode but the Jokers do not work properly in these sessions as on DIRT Fish you can just use the Joker lap as a shortcut without penalty.

    Also, is the ranking greyed out on purpose in the RallyCross mode games of is this a bug?
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    Until they decide to update rally x and properly implement the race weekend structure. Ex. Practice, heats and point tracking I feel rally x will stay dead. It's dead on pc aswell.

    It's a shame it's the way it is cause I feel the rallyX is one one the best kept secrets in the game and was really hoping an update would have come with the release of the dlc fun pack.....hopefully in a future patch
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    Send me a pm to organize a fb group to make weekly races.

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