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Thread: Logitech G29 throttle problem

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    Logitech G29 throttle problem

    Logitech G29. Problem started March 11.
    When I play PC2 the throttle sometimes stop working. The car is not accelerating as it should. Like a gap in the contact.
    On a real old car it's like dirt in the the carburetor ��
    I decided to go go the store and change the wheel but first i tried one thing. I run project cars 1. Without problems! So now I don't know what to do

    I have reset the settings in PC2 for the wheel and restarted ps4.
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    First - make sure this is not traction control, so turn that off to check.

    My next thought is that you may have the often reported noisy pedal problem. To check this open the hud pedal monitor and press the accelerator pedal half way. Is the red bar steady in the hud display? If it flickers up and down you may have the noisy potentiometer problem.

    This is an easy fix. Guarantee return is one option or you can take the base off and spray a SMALL squirt of wd40 into the potentiometers.

    There are yt how to videos. I sprayed my pedals about six months ago and they are just getting noisy again now.
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