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Thread: PS4 Liveries

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    PS4 Liveries

    Hi All,

    most likely a dumb question.
    But what are the chances of there being made available some of the user made liveries on the PS4 version? like in an update or separate DLC?

    For Example as an Aussie, some of the Group A racers like the Gibson Motorsport R32, Dick Johnson's Shell Sierras liveries like those for Example.
    Hopefully it is something that the powers at be can sort out.
    Long shot I know but even a few more Historic cars in general would be awesome, Lotus/Ford Cortinas in the mix of the GTB category etc

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    very low.
    Its not about the creation of such liveries. Real live liveries must be licensed if that are officially implemented.
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    But that doesn’t give the opportunity for console based teams the ability to create their own livery

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    Yeah your right about that I have GT SPORT just for the livery editor and I see a lot of real world racing team liveries and I made a few myself without any issues just wanted one on ps4 version of PC2 and I even voted for it when they held the poll to see if it would be put in the game :/

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