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Thread: Random constantly Disconnections

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    Since I started play PCARS_2 I have been suffering serious problems with disconnect. I tried everything I read here. I have made MTU test, fixed my IP, open my DMZ, disable my IPV06, tried lots of DNS, made a lots of speed test, and nothing make the disconnects stopped.

    When I try public rooms I do not have problems, but when I try to play with my friends something makes me disconnect. And I donít have any problems with another games in ps4 or when I see movies at NETFLIX.

    My internet is very good, constant. Ping results are less than 20, download is like 20mb e upload 20mb or more.

    Something you made wrong. Totally different from PCARS_1. After I setup my modem and internet, I didn't have any more problems with disconnects.

    I want to know what have you made to PCARS_2 is worse than PCARS_1? What can I do to don't have more disconnects? And the principal, what you have been making to fix this problem that I see that lots of people are having?
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    im having this problem with disconnection. can't play online.

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