Over the weekend we tried our first multiplayer, a friend (via Steam invite) and myself. A short race at Le Mans, proceeded with practice and qualifying. Overall the experience was excellent with no determinable lag or glitches.

However, there were a couple of noticeable issues, firstly either my car, or my mates would appear to levitate 6 inches above the track surface, the problem alternating between sessions. We also had AI cars and they were all fine.

I recorded the race (only 5 laps) and watched it in replay, looking from various cockpit views and turning to either side to look in the mirrors at following cars. I was faced with the slightly alarming site of a driver only, flying along behind with no visible car. There was the shadow for the car but the vehicle was missing. Quite unnerving flat out on the Mulsanne straight!

I'm running everything in the highest graphics setting. Not sure if these problems have been seen or reported before but I thought I should flag them.