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Thread: Multiplayer: Save after Qualifying and resume next day?

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    What you can do is, set up two races in online champiomship, first one with 1hr qualy and 1 lap race. After qualy is done, you run the 1 lap like a formation lap and finish in the same order as your qualy. The second session in your championship you set up with only the race, no qualy. it will then use the finishing positions from the first race as a starting grid in the next one. That gives you the possibility to run the qualy one night and the race the next one.

    Have a look at Yorkies videos explaining the online championship, think its Insiders Guide or something like that.
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    ^^ Third suggestion, third good idea. Itīs only that a formation lap on Nords takes you ages. Apart from that a smart workaround.

    I watched all Yorkieīs vids, itīs just that Iīm too old to keep every single detail in my mind these days... will review it soon. Thanks.
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