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Thread: PC2Tuner - Engineering Tune Visualization

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    Quote Originally Posted by Racing4Life View Post
    Oh, Wishlist.

    I'll add two more.

    1. If you move the slider the red bar moves too. I'd like to have them separated.
    2. Adding the tyre diameter and the wheelbase everytime again, is kind of annoying. Would it be possible to implement this data? Though not everything is correct within the known sheet. But maybe adding a simple textfile, so the data can be added by the users?

    Those arent time values. Time values would be bad, because you dont always repeat the same time per lap.
    In the Analysis view you first choose your lap from the left window. In my case Lap 2 with 1:31.2. This means the graphs show only this lap with this time. In result the horizontal axis should show this lap from 0 to 91.2 seconds (in my example it shows 0 to 29.983 all the time).

    Further in the Areodynmaics Tab some graphs are labeled with "Time, s" and they show exactly the same values like the other graphs (0 to 29.983).

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Yeah, the text "time" is just wrong. Maybe a leftover from the past. The scale is always 0-30, no matter where you drive. Personally I dun care about this text, since the trackmap is build in.

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    Minor nitpick here. On the handling tab, for brake balance it says "To far back".
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    You guys should really be posting this in my discord, I have a bot that archives things so ideas don't get lost like they could here.

    That being said, the time at the bottom of the graph is indeed off its because it's assuming a 60 samples per second rate, I'll fix it this weekend, and a few other things mentioned here, they are not critical to functionality like racing4life mentioned which is why they havnt been fixed yet because our resources have been focused on new functionality. : Owner
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