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Thread: Car behaving COMPLETELY different in race vs private testing ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaXyM View Post
    As I wrote in another thread, I suspect it has something to do with initial grip of track at race beginning. It's like it's completely clean, not rubbered. At the same time surface during Private Practice has more initial grip.
    I came to this conclusion because of the fact, that at the end of longer races (ie 2h), I could do times closer to what achieved on Private Practice.

    All those real-time changing conditions and factors (pressures, temps, amount of fuel, self-confidence/risk) adds lot of variability which might be using as excuse. For sure it makes harder to debug the problem especially without tools which could display values playing role in car behavior evaluation.
    But it's too deterministic to be not obvious, that we are facing some issue. Unfortunately SMS decided to give us ahm ... silence... providing no single answer/information. I'm sure they know the answer (why shouldn't they). To me it's another (non-direct) proof confirming that it's an issue. Otherwise they would have been providing dozens scientific evidences to back up the PC2 cars behavior.
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    I always have feeling something is wrong with it. That simulation of some independent values is in fact not independent but scaled to something else.
    But Mahjik confirmed it for XB1. I'm on PC.

    In fact, in the past (I believe before patch3) I noticed difference in amount of water on the track depending on number of cars. I mean the more cars the more water. But I though it's a random occurrence rather than deterministic issue. Now I think it might be related to not drying best line under constant (light) rain. Simply while more cars should heat up the best line speeding up vaporization, this effect is reversed by more water generated by the game.
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    I have tried to post about this issue several times and it's good to see a discussion going. I totally agree. I am 2 seconds faster in testing than qualifying and then a further 2 seconds down in the race. Braking points are obviously earlier in the race vs qualifying. If I try to brake at anywhere near the points I would in testing, I miss the corner totally. I drive conservatively in races, so I expect to be a bit slower. But practice at least, where mistakes are pretty cost-free, should be competitive with private testing times. Even putting aside the times, the car FEELS different. And always in a negative way. I guess its just something we have to live with. But it is galling that it doesn't seem to affect everyone the same way. I can be third in qualifying but 10th or lower in the race with much worse lap times than the guys I was even with in qualifying. Does it matter? Not really. But it is frustrating not to be able to replicate performance. And with limited set-up knowledge, I don't feel able to consistently adjust for the different handling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schnizz58 View Post
    This is an interesting post. I use PS4 not XB1 and i feel a big loss from qualy to race where grid size is effectively the same BUT the loss of grip he describes is 100% what i experience, biggest issue is coming out of corners and spinning then an overall sense of less grip but corner exit is chronic.

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