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Thread: Ghosted cars in online Practice/Qual/Race

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    Ghosted cars in online Practice/Qual/Race

    I was in an open lobby on Texas TriOval and notices a guy gaining in the draft & as he got close enough to step out & pass he just ghosted and drove right through. Then it was my turn to draft him in a bit over a lap as I approached him he ghosted again and kept on going so I know he didn't hit the Option button.

    What was going on? is there a means to ghost on demand on the track when you are about to be rammed or pitted?
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    I'm wondering too. I have experienced that in almost every online session in the past days. What's going on and can I disable ghosting somehow?

    Edit: I'm actually on PC. I found this thread using the search and didnt notice it was in the ps4 section. Questions stands though.
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    This ghosting issue seems to rear its head with patch 5 as I don't recall it being a problem before.

    I'm our league practice sessions now there are always one or two drivers who are ghosting or can't be seen on track at all.
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