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Thread: Setup Requests for Consoles(pictures) Post Patch 5.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by blinkngone View Post
    Hi Luke, as far as nervous and twitchy someone ran a Default with the R89C to a 0:48.280, over a full second quicker than any other run at Silverstone National. Run your R89C at this track and see if you can match this pace.
    Ok, I can't drive Default changed LSD and other things. My first attempt. The remaining runs at this track are all pre-nerf so I would possibly say the R89C might be better at handling but slower top speed. How are you doing?
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    The problem I have with this car is the brakes, I seem to be locking up and sliding wide left when trying to make a right hand turn. If jes hadn't made his run I would have the only patch 5.0 WR with this at the only track I can run. He has only made 9 runs since the game came out and only 1 in the past month and he landed right on top of me. Take this back, on the same day Ty reset the WR at COTA. OOps missed Watkins Glen GP too. Prior to these runs there were 2 Patch 4.0 WRs the rest were 3.0 or earlier. Here is my LSD, no oversteer on power, soft tires.
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    Brakes, brakes, it's all about the brakes. Eased off. Someone who can brake will have few issues with this car.
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    Thanks for looking into this, I'm going to run Silverstone National now and see how I do. I can only run it in private testing though because as you know I can't use time trial at the moment without the game crashing, I'm having to play in offline mode. Just a question, did you turn the turbo boost pressure up to maximum on your run? I always do and never used to have problems before the patch. In regards to the brakes, I find that the default brake pressure is far too high in this car, I always lower it to around 85% and use about 56 or 57 bias depending.

    Edit: So around Silverstone national with default setup I got a 0:48.176, with default but the boost cranked right up I got 0:46.719. Then I tried your clutch LSD settings a got it down to a 0:46.240, I would have been about 2 tenths faster than that but I ran out of fuel just before I crossed the line because I have to do it in private testing.

    Your diff settings really, really helped to control that loose rear end I was talking about when I've got the boost cranked. I'm going to try it at Algarve now with your clutch LSD settings and see how I get on as that was a track I was really struggling at last night. Something has for sure been done to this car as before the patch I could nail the throttle out of corners even on max boost.
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