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Thread: Need serious help after patch 5.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by Konan View Post
    Thanks for the report...that doesn't prove it's 488 related though unfortunatilly...
    What would really help is if users didn't have the issues after downloading the patch and before using the 488. (IF it is in fact related to that)
    It's definitely not 488 related for me add I've never driven that car but shook had the ctd when going to TT after the patch.

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    For the guys that were/are having issues. Are you using Instant On or Energy Save mode?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Juiced46 View Post
    For the guys that were/are having issues. Are you using Instant On or Energy Save mode?
    I’ve never used instant on.

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    Also, DON'T use the controller to turn off the console, use the "Hold the XBOX console button for 10 sec method" This will flush the RAM every time.

    UPDATE: After so much of this that and the other work around's. One league I tried to participate in and was up to this point a dismal failure, was a success SAT night. No DC's and no CTD's. Everyone joined, practiced, qualified, and raced to the end.

    The one comment that most were stating was that the rear end was slipping out drastically.

    I was able to rectify that be adjusting the ARB's down from where they were in patch 4, and I noticed this on several cars including Indy, TC, GT3, and GTE.

    I had tried adjusting everything else, and it took quite a while, but the ARB was the only thing that cured the issue.
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    After installing the new xbox firmware time trials are working for me.
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