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Thread: Unofficial issue list [Post Patch 5.0]

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    Quote Originally Posted by TX3 StorM View Post
    But the online stuff is very much impacted by the issue, because in any of the 3 parts of a race weekend I could reach the expected top speed in qualifying which was 390 kmh and obviously the top speed reached in an offline race weekend. Besides, there was an event on the IMS a couple of days ago, and I could barely hit the 370 whereas some people hit 390, like my team mate TX3 Mirouff. So I guess I had the race engine mode when some others including him had the qualy engine mode.
    This is a hard one. It could be a setups issue or an engine mode settings as you've said, that's not applied to everyone. If you can, please check this:

    - If happens with both oval cars
    - If happens with or without loading setups previous to the race.
    - Check the engine mapping during the race session to see if it was changed for someone.
    - Check in telemetry hud mode the top power in cars who get 370 and 390 in same session (probably a different power could be observed)
    - Post your lobby setup (if fixed, race duration) to try to reproduce it.

    I've race in Indy next week and I'm worried after your post...

    Update: I've done some test and as you've said, the max power in practice and qualy is 721 and in race is 660 with Honda. But one of the times I pass to the race, it looks that the gears was shorter, because the maximun speed was 370 in 6th at rev limit, when in the others race sessions, I get this speed in 5th before the rev limit (always loose oval setup). If is the same as happened to you it's normal you can't go faster than 370 even with slipstream, because you're on rev limit. I don't know if I did something different in that session or is something random, but I'm sure the gears was shorter. I'll try to reproduce again.
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    So quick answer to your questions :
    It happens with BOTH Chevy and Honda engines.
    It happens with or without loading setups before the race.
    Engine mapping was the same, because I had the exact same setup and I checked if it was different.
    I couldn't check the telemetry mode because I'm not at home at the moment, same for the lobby setup.

    By the way the problem is not related to the lack of power which is absolutely normal if you want to complete the race, the problem is people within the same session don't have the same level of power.
    For example, in a 10 person lobby maybe that 3 will have the extra qualifying power and the rest won't. I say this because it's what happened in the last brickyard event in the community event section of the game.
    I had all the time the 660 hp, and my team mate with the same setup had 720.
    Besides, as you can see there's 60 hp between the 2 engine modes, it's because in 2016 the push to pass was at 60 hp, so if you do the math, 720-60 = 660 which is the power expected for the race mode.
    For my future tests I will use the mandatory setup, so there won't be any problem related to setups if one exists.
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