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    G'day all,

    As someone mentioned in a recent thread, the feel of the forum (and game forums in general) sometimes feels weighted towards the people with problems/complaints/criticisms as the satisfied majority silently go about their business...
    So, after browsing though this forum on a daily basis over the last few months, I just thought I'd pipe up and make a contribution for this silent majority...
    Apologies for the wall of text. I've tried to make it mildly amusing. I'm having so much fun with this game, I just had to share the love... (Hopefully the intended Aussie humor translates to text)

    My first sim-wheel was a non-FFB Madcatz back in the early 90s which I'm pretty sure actually made it harder to control that Papyrus Indy-Car. But it's all about the realism man...

    RFactor (1) had been my goto game for the last 10 years.
    Many late nights with a couple of mates and way too many beers were spent downloading and trying every imaginable mod with the help of my trusty Logitech G25.
    In this day and age, to say that the graphics were starting to look a bit dated is an understatement, so I purchased both Assetto Corsa and Projects Cars (1) mid last year.

    To me, Projects Cars (1) was like a stereotypical air-head supermodel. She was just so damn pretty, but had no personality. I desperately tried to like her, but the FFB just felt 'off', even with Jack Spade's mod. So I ended up pretending to be a wanna-be drift god in Assetto Corsa for the next few months (if only it was that easy in real life).

    Pcars2 was then released so I took the plunge in the hope that the developers had learnt from the first game and improved the 'driving feel' to suit my personal needs and wants.
    Wow, just wow! The improvements over the first game were everything I had hoped and dreamed for!
    With the FFB set to Raw, I was wheeling the G25 like a stolen Holden Commodore from the Western suburbs.
    Jack Spade then released his FFB files. A quick copy and paste of the 'Standard Mid-comp SOP-diff' file and driving on the limit felt even more 'natural' and rewarding.

    Looking back, this was when the obsession started. I started looking at new sim-wheels as I figured that the game was actually now beyond what my old G25 could offer.
    After a month of inner conflict, I was convinced by the wife and kids that I couldn't justify the price of the Fanatec CSW 2.5 (something about the need to eat, blah blah blah...), so I pulled the trigger on it's little brother, the CSL Elite wheel and LC pedal combo.
    After a couple of weeks of using the CSL, although I was having an absolute ball, I was still a man possessed, I needed more!
    I arranged to sell a kidney and lung on the black-market (couldn't sell an arm or leg, I needed them for racing!) and with a shaking finger, I pushed the checkout button for a Sim-plicity SW20 OSW direct drive wheel.

    This will sound silly for those without a OSW, but you can feel the freakin' tires deforming when you mount a rumble-strip!

    For those thinking about upgrading their wheel, after running some back-to-back tests with the G25, CSL and OSW, I've made the following personal observations:

    - My lap time is the same, no matter what wheel I'm using. A high-end wheel won't make you faster than your current abilities.
    If you are a fast racer, you are a fast racer (not saying I am), regardless of which wheel you own.
    To be completely honest, on occasion after running lap after lap with the OSW, I've then jumped back on the G25 and run an even quicker lap!

    - The OSW is so much more immersive. The feedback has more depth and fidelity. The car's weight is more apparent. It just feels more like you're driving a car.

    - The OSW has helped me improve my sim-racing technique in general.
    Because the OSW feels so much more like a real car (eg: if set up correctly, you physically can't apply unrealistic gamey steering inputs), I unconsciously started to apply more of a real-world driving technique which helped me to gradually become faster and smoother (even if I now go back and use the G25).

    - As far as the Fanatec goes, it's basically in the middle between the Logitech and OSW. Financially, I think it probably offers more bang-for-buck than the OSW.

    As a disclaimer to these observations, I'm a weirdo with a real-life car fleet made up of early-70s to mid-80s cars with no power-steering or ABS combined with questionable engine conversions.
    Those that aren't idiots and drive more sensible modern cars IRL may have a completely different opinion...

    Getting back on track (no pun intended), yeah the games got bugs and flaws (a lot like the punctuation in this post), but it's still currently the best racing game ever made (in my opinion, which of course is really really important)

    No offence intended to anyone. This is just a TISM style pi$$-take side-rant... but I do find it genuinely hilarious when spotty teenagers that haven't even driven a car, let alone on/over-the-limit on a track on race tires complain about a game's physics or FFB not being realistic.
    I imagine they're usually the same kind of talented individual that in a couple of years time, after they've saved up enough money standing in front of the deep-fryer at Maccas, wrap their JDM Skyline around a power-pole because they couldn't hold that sick drift like they can do while sitting in there parent's basement in front of an xbox.

    So to all the people involved in the production and continued development of this game, including this forum community that is helping to improve it even more, you are a pack of b#stards for making me spend so much money on hardware over the last few months
    On a serious note though, I sincerely thank you all for this brilliant and wonderful game : )

    See you all on the black-stuff. I'll most likely be in your rear-view mirror, but with a huge stupid grin on my dial none-the-less...

    Cheers smc535
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    Post of the week for me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. If some spent as much time playing the game, rather than constantly complaining, they might actually work through some of the issues that the rest of us don't experience or are prepared to overlook because the rest of the game is so damn good.

    As you say, a wheel doesn't necessarily make you quicker but it adds so much to the experience of driving cars that many of us have little hope of in the real world.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cladandadum View Post
    Post of the week for me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. If some spent as much time playing the game, rather than constantly complaining, they might actually work through some of the issues that the rest of us don't experience or are prepared to overlook because the rest of the game is so damn good.
    Complaints themselves aren't all bad, but complaining without being open to help or providing useful information is just wasting energy.

    Many users, including myself, are happy to try to reproduce and help work through issues because we get to play the game while doing it. If I see an issue come up in three forums during the day, I'm excited to get home and try it out to see if I can contribute. Information is key to getting traction to have an issue addressed and it's great to see so many willing to help collect it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smc535 View Post
    G'day all,
    currently the best racing game ever made (in my opinion, which of course is really really important)
    Cheers smc535
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    Love this post, I think it was much needed. It's good to just stay away from the technical support forum, unless your having issues of course.
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    Nice post!I agree with it and nice to see the positivity.
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    I'm kind of an outlier I think.

    I have never really enjoyed racing games at all. Even though i have really wanted to,
    Often just manage to play a few hours and then never bother touching them again.

    The experience was just so far removed from anything realistic. I would rather spend an hour driving my 1.5l Opel Corsa, I never been fortunate to own fancy or even half decent cars, and that opel was a pain.
    But I preferred just driving that than spend an hour playing Gran Turismo.

    Last summer, I on a whim, bought a g29 and D1rt, old tale all over again, played it for three hours haven't touched it since. Also tried pcars1 and this was close, but still didn't feel right.
    Assetto Corsa same deal.

    I would rather drive my own shitty car through rush hour, rather than the game.

    Pcars2 however just works.
    I love it.
    Is it perfect, of course not, I'm not asking for perfect, but in pcars2 I can use my own existing driving instincts for correcting skids and slips. Every other driving sim/game has needed for me to adjust to the sim and more often than not, fight my instincts.

    I live in Norway so I spend 6-8 months on slippery conditions, the Scandinavian flick wasn't some exotic driving technique, it's how my mom made the turn and kept enough speed to get up the hill to our house.

    Pcars2 though feels like I got a track day in my pc.
    I still only have g29, but every time I browse by fanatec I end up with a shopping cart worth more than €1400 That's just not in the cards.

    In the mean time I do have a fairly kickass pc with a cv1.
    And @op if you don't already have it. GET VR unlike wheels it will make you faster, more precise and increases immersion a thousand fold.
    Seriously, there has been times when I hit a wall and felt the need to do the "Am I hurt?" self pat down.

    Problem is you might not see the SO walk in, holding a frying pan since your family hasn't seen your face for a month.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smc535 View Post
    G'day all...

    Cheers smc535
    Golden post!

    Quote Originally Posted by TorTorden View Post
    ...the Scandinavian flick wasn't some exotic driving technique, it's how my mom made the turn and kept enough speed to get up the hill to our house...
    Golden comment!
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    Amidst all the complaints, so nice to see a satisfied user expressing his gratitude and enjoyment for this fantastic racing sim. I'm sure it's appreciated by the developers and rest of team for all the hard work they put in. I agree also it's the best racing sim ever with all the bells and whistles. I thoroughly enjoy it and it's the one racing sim that remains my go-to racing simulator.
    PS4. Logitech G29 wheel. PSN ID: davidtsmith333
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    I went from TM T500 to a DD Accuforce with simcommander and I had OSW guys sitting behind my rig trying to figure out how I managed to get an even better immersion quality in the ffb than they thought had with their OSW.
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