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    I was a bit into the Gran Turismo series some years ago, but then small kids took away all my spare time for a few years. Last summer I decided it was time to start driving again, and being too impatient to wait for GT Sport I bought a PS4 Pro and PCars 1.
    Originally I planned on just playing for fun with a gamepad using any assists necessary, but I soon got hooked, and now I'm sitting here with the following:

    - Project Cars 2
    - Dedicated gaming PC (Ryzen 1600X, GTX 1060)
    - Playseat Challenge
    - TrackIR 5 head tracker
    - Thrustmaster T300 base
    - Thrustmaster 599XX Alcantara rim
    - Ricmotech MOMO MOD27C rim
    - Fanatec CSL Elite LC pedals
    - Thrustmaster TH8A shifter
    - Ignition Controls button box
    - Tablet and mobile phone running RS Dash, SIM Dashboard and CrewChief

    So thank you, SMS, for creating a game making me spend all that money without a single regret
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