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    John Hargreaves - jumpers for goal posts nails it! It's all about capturing the essence of the raw driving experience. My fave combo at the moment is Bannoch Brae track solo in the caterham 620, with autumn / dry / overcast / early evening. This has bags of atmosphere as well as lots of elevation / camber changes, which really chucks the caterham around - amazing. I'll have forearms like tree trunks before long. Not sure where I could go from here in terms of more realism - a petrol soaked rag for the smell from the throttle bodies, a fan for wind effect and a catapult to fire bees at my face ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ELAhrairah View Post
    I try to be serious sometimes.
    When I was young I always wanted to be Senna. I grew up, life happened.
    Played some race games like GTR2 etc. Loved it. Still fond memories. The old Le Mans mods.

    Then this rumour about Pcars1 began. People said that some people from the original GTR dev. team were making it.
    Okay that got my attention. Didn't know if it was true (can someone confirm?)

    Saw some raw dev. videos on youtube. One scene got me hooked. Some guy driving an open wheeler. The realistic way the wheel suspension moved. Decided to prepare myself and bought a TM T500 with formula 1 wheel.
    Pcars 1 release. I took the old Lotus out for a ride, Ayrton Senna's 1986 Lotus 98T. Subscribed to this stupid forum.(easy, just kidding)
    Watkins Glen. All assists off. Raw power! (in SW Snoke's voice) The turbo kicked in. Goosebumps. Heart rate up. Good vibes.

    2 years and 2 girlfriend later (still with the latter), a DD wheel, three screens, dedicated PC, 8 Basskickers, race seat, serious pedals, VR.
    Thank you SMS.

    Pcars1,t300,new rig,button box,upgrade to pc from ps4,vr Pcars2,pc-racer,heusinkveld pedals,new upgraded pc,Osw dd wheel.Explained to girlfriend she would go first.Yes I really did and she is still here. Hell yeah pcars is awesome!
    MOBO: asus rog maximus x hero / CPU: intel i7 8700k 5.1ghz / RAM:corsair platinum 32GB DDR4 3866-ocd4000 / COOLING: thermaltake floe 360 / GPU: asus GeForce gtx1080ti oc / PSU: evga super nova 850g2 / STORAGE: Samsung evo 500gb- Samsung evo 1tb / CASE: thermaltake core x71 / RIG:Gt omega /SimRacing Bay 30nm OSW / Heusinkveld pro pedals / Fanatec shifter /VR:rift / BACKUP: ps4
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