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Thread: Little help dialing out my wheel shake... Logitech G920

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    Quote Originally Posted by grrrillapmp View Post

    A lot less wobble. A lot stronger shake.
    Okay. I tested this today and I have a similiar but no where near as aggressive shake. The road feedback does feel unnatural on the straights but it isn’t as bad as what you are experiencing. I think the only way to solve this is allow us to save force feedback settings per car and then spend time finding the right settings for each car. The settings I asked you to try where set for the Aston Martin GT4 (my current career). Might be worth trying the Aston and seeing if you have the same aggressive shaking. I am trying to think if there is a overall force setting somewhere either in game or within the Logitech software that updates the firmware. Would that save for the Xbox though?
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